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Gourmet Live 1.1 is now available in the App Store, so download the latest version and find new features that we are so excited for you to explore and share!

First, we are very pleased to announce our in-app store is now open for business! Marking yet another milestone in our evolution, you will now be able to buy (using in-app purchasing) specially curated collections and issues from previous weeks that until now you couldn’t access if you missed that week’s update. The Store is located as a tab in your Library, and will be an area of continuing iteration with new collections, new ways of purchasing content and more, so come back often and continue to give us your feedback as you always do on Twitter (@gourmetlive), on the blog or on Facebook.

Next, you’ll notice in anticipation for all you new iPad owners this holiday season, we’ve added another option when registering for Gourmet Live that does not require having a Facebook or Twitter account. This update does not effect having the ability to change your sharing preferences at any time if you do connect with Facebook or Twitter – as our readers already know, if you sign in with a social network, you opt in to sharing and can revisit the ON/OFF sharing switch easily. That means those of you who prefer not to register with social sign-in can create an account without Twitter or Facebook credentials. For more on this, read this previous post.

Also in 1.1 is landscape, the addition of a HOME button and some fixes to the sign-in flow. So in addition to an even more pleasing layout, you’ll hopefully find the app easier to use whether you’re new to Gourmet Live or you’re coming back and reinstalling (and we hope you do both!).

This is a great time of year to reflect on all the things to be thankful for, and at Gourmet Live we have many! In addition to having a product we are incredibly proud of, we have amazingly talented people who work incredibly hard and long hours and have dedicated a tremendous amount of time and effort to making Gourmet Live the best it can be—Megan, Angela, Jen, Chris, Rob, Janet, Gaia, Paul, Melanie to name a few—supportive and bold leadership, fantastic sponsors and committed readers who accept our updates, comment on our Facebook page, re-tweet us and share their rewards. We really couldn’t have asked for more.

But there was more. First, Black Friday came and guess who was featured on what’s sure to be one of the hottest gifts this holiday season. Then, Advertising Age honored our team with a Media Vanguard Award for Best Brand Revival. And just as we were pinching ourselves, The New York Observer included Gourmet Live in their list of the 2010 Biggest Media Launches. Our cup, bowl, mixer, blender … all runneth over.

Happy holidays from all of us at Gourmet Live.


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